Property Brothers' Jonathan Scott Spills His Secrets to a Relaxing Bedroom
September 29, 2016
If you're an HGTV junkie like we are, you've seen Jonathan Scott work his magic on "Property Brothers," turning rundown gut-jobs into all of our dream homes. Now, Jonathan is teaming up with Stearns & Foster to break down his recipe to creating the perfect bedroom oasis. And trust us, these tips are sure to give you the sweetest dreams!

Why is it important for you to create a bedroom oasis?

A lot of clients come to us and the one thing they look past is their own bedroom. They talk about the kitchen, you know, the spaces you can show off to their friends and their family and they’re like, “Oh, we’ll put ourselves last.” And I think that’s the biggest tragedy. We spend more than half of our lives in the bedroom — if we have a poor sex life, maybe less — so why not put a little effort into it? Don’t be working in there. Don’t have a desk. Don’t have kids’ stuff and clutter everywhere. Have a place where you wake up and feel so refreshed and you don’t even want to get out of bed because it’s so beautiful. We wanted to redesign your retreat, make over your oasis and make it something that speaks to you.

What's the key to a relaxing retreat?

It’s all about making it inviting and soft. You can have more color in the spring and summer and when we switch over to fall, usually I'll swap out the pillows and throws and it makes it feel cozier, warmer in more muted colors. You don’t have to go and repaint. You’ll notice on most of the episodes of Property Brothers, usually the bigger ticket stuff — the paint, the flooring, the countertop — that’s usually more neutral so you can pop the color with the decor and the curtains and the area rugs and that way from season to season you don’t have to change those things, you can just change the decor.

Where should you spend your money?

You have to think about what you want to invest in so the bedroom for example, the anchor piece in the bedroom and what is hopefully giving you a good sleep is your bed so it’s worth spending a little bit more on getting the right bed and doing your homework. Don’t ever hastily purchase a bed. You need to lay on it. You need to make sure that you’ve tried them out and that you know what you need and then all the other stuff is easy. Bedrooms are the easiest thing to do because you’re not doing plumbing, there’s rarely cabinetry. It’s pretty much all styling so once you've got that anchor piece of furniture, the rest falls into place.

How do you mix his and her styles?

Therapy. That’s the biggest challenge we have, when you’re bringing these two different lives together, especially if they’ve never lived together before. The funny thing is, I usually find that the wife will have more demands on her side than he has. I don’t think it's a cultural thing or a societal thing, I think it’s that women tend to spend more time investigating things that they like and men are just lazy. Guys will have a couple things that they want, but the women have actually gone in and they’ve done their research and they’re like “These are all the things I need to have in my perfect home.” What we have to figure out, though, is what’s the balance of your must-haves with “Oh, it would be nice, but I don’t really have the budget for it right now.” So we’ll sit down with our clients and we’ll go through what a realistic budget thinking about now and your future income-earning potential because a lot of people will make out right now but if you’re about to have a baby in six months, your life is going to get a lot more expensive.


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